Chronology of the Genocide against Armenians

  • by Western Armenia, May 02, 2024 in Armenocid

On March 3, Russia's newly formed Bolshevik government signed an alliance with the anti-Entente states Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey in Brest-Litovsk, effectively withdrawing from the Entente and moving closer to its former adversaries.

By signing this agreement, the parties agreed on the issue that henceforth hostilities between them will cease, and Russia will ensure the withdrawal of its troops from Western Armenia, in particular, from Kars, Ardahan and Batum regions.

This treaty was a logical continuation of the "Peace" decree adopted by the Bolsheviks on November 8, 1917. The Brest-Litovsk treaty, to which the Armenians of Western Armenia are not a party, put the Armenian population living in the regions of the Caucasian front in a difficult situation.

In fact, it wanted to bypass the decision "On protection of the right of free self-determination of the lands of Western Armenia" adopted by the Bolsheviks on December 29, 1917, and instead adopted a decision to return the same lands to Turkey.

Months later, on September 20, the Russian government, with a note signed by Foreign Minister Chicherin, canceled the cession of Caucasian territories to Turkey according to the Brest-Litovsk Treaty.

And yet, with the Treaty of Brest, albeit of a temporary nature, it became impossible for the newly created Caucasian Armenian Republic to return the territories of Western Armenia where the Russian army was stationed a few months before, and which could be taken by the decree "On Turkish Armenia" signed by Russia at the time of the establishment of the Republic of Western Armenia  to become its weighty constituent part.

The peace of Brest created good opportunities for the Turkish side with conquest ambitions. Taking advantage of the created situation and violating the Yerznka armistice signed on December 5, 1917, the Turkish army went on the attack and, thanks to the prevailing forces, captured Yerznka, Karin, Sarighamish, Kars one after the other, and on May 15, Alexandrapol as well. The question of being or not hung over Eastern Armenia.