Chronology of the Genocide against Armenians

  • by Western Armenia, April 17, 2024 in Armenocid

May 22-25,1915

A mixed meeting of the "Special Organization" of the young turks was opened in the Nur Osmaniye Center in Istanbul, to which Taliat presented an extensive program about the form and process of the deportation of Armenians, the management of property to be abandoned by Armenians, the resettlement of Armenian villages and houses. The assembly, having finished its sessions, made a decision to fully implement the young turk plan of deportation and massacre of Armenians.

Allied States' Protest Note The Allied States could not remain indifferent to what was happening in Occupied Western Armenia, and sent a protest note to the Turkish government, accusing it of carrying out mass massacres of Armenians.

1915 On May 24, in London, Paris and Petrograd, the joint official statement of the governments of England, France and Russia was published simultaneously about the massacres of Armenians in Armenia and the personal responsibility of members of the Turkish government. There, in particular, it was said:

"During this entire month, Armenians have been massacred by turks and kurds in Armenia with the apparent connivance and sometimes direct support of the Ottoman authorities.

Massacres of Armenians took place in Erzurum, Bitlis, Mush, Sassoon, Zeytun and all over Kilikia In mid-April.

Residents of hundreds of villages around the City Van were beheaded, the Armenian district in Van was besieged by the kurds. At the same time, the turkish government in Constantinople arrests some of  the Armenians and dislodged Armenian   civilian population."

The Anglo-French-Russian Joint Declaration was the first official document of the 20th century to hold another government and its members collectively and individually responsible for the crimes they committed.