Islam and the Genocide against the Armenians

  • by Western Armenia, May 06, 2024 in Armenocid

A direct example of manipulating the religious factor is the genocide committed against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century.

Since the second half of the 17th century, the discrimination against the Armenian population in Western Armenia, which came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, was based on the religious factor from the beginning.

In 1908 The "Unity and Progress" party, which came to power as a result of the coup, initially tried to be guided by the slogans of equality, brotherhood and freedom, raising hopes among the oppressed peoples of the empire, including the Armenian political parties.

However, it soon becomes obvious that the young turks' political appeals and actual actions had little in common, and from the Hamidian pogroms against the Armenians to the young turk Genocide was just one step for the turks. Under Sharia law, the legal status of Muslims and non-Muslims was defined from the beginning.

Back in the 15th century, during the Arab invasions, those who did not accept Islam signed a contract, "Aqd al-Zimma", by which the Arab ruler undertook to preserve the individual, political and social freedom of the Christian, in return for which the latter had to pay taxes.

That is, the Qur'an itself could not allow equality between Muslims and non-Muslims in its system.

In fact, a two-layered society was being created: on the one hand, the Muslims, who belonged to the ummah, were the ruling nation, and the non-Muslims, who were at a lower level.

Therefore, when in 1908 the young turk forces came to power, promoting the slogan of equality, which did not correspond to the principles of Islam from the beginning.

And the young turks who came to   power with the same principles of justice and equality once again confirm the fact that they are the ruling nation of turks, even their official oath was published in the semi-official "Tanin" newspaper of "Ittihat ve Terakki". The editor-in-chief of the latter, Husein Jahid, stated in an editorial that regardless of the course of events and the outcome, the Turks "were and remain a ruling nation."