Islam and the Genocide Committed Against Armenians – Armenocide

  • by Western Armenia, May 04, 2024 in Armenocid

A year ago, when Western Armenia TV presented "Armenian identity. "Armenian Islamized Women" series noted that the young turks used Islam as a tool in the process of genocide against Armenians. Turkish politicians incited religious fanaticism in an attempt to bolster their anti-Armenian rhetoric. Armenians were presented as enemies of Islam, and thus an attempt was made to strengthen the justifications for the destruction of the Armenian nation. The idea of ​​Jihad was also manipulated in order to strengthen anti-Armenian feelings.

In our new series, we will understand in more detail how much the factor of Islam was in the GENOCIDE PERFORMED AGAINST THE ARMENIANS.

First, Arab leaders during that period, including Sherif Hussein, strongly opposed this approach, questioning the ideas of the young turks.

It should be noted that during genocidal acts, the religious difference sometimes becomes a characteristic that differentiates the victim from the executioner.

Kooper, a professor of the University of California, a sociologist, dealing with the issues of the genocide against the Armenians, considers the existence of a religious difference between the victims and the perpetrators of the crime to be one of the general characteristics of the genocide.

Religious difference is often superimposed on other elements of differentiation: race, ethnicity, cultural heritage, participation in economic and political life, inequality in the protection of human rights, and segregation or territorial concentration. Religious affiliation becomes part of social status and often contributes to alienation from other groups in the multi-layered structure of society.