Chronology of the Genocide Against Armenians

  • by Western Armenia, April 12, 2024 in Armenocid

The Balkan Wars and Armenians

The rule of the young turks brought almost no significant changes in the situation of the natives, including the Western Armenians. Conversely the  situation became  worse.

In 1912-1913 the defeat of Ottoman Turkey in the Balkan wars causes political activity  among Armenians.

Based on the favorable situation, Armenians decide to draw the attention of the great power states to carry out improvements in the Armenian vilayets. In  1912 On October 2, Catholicos Gevorg V officially addresses to Vorontsov-Dashkov, and  asked to raise an  issue to implement the  Article 61 of Berlin.

A month later, the Catholicos authorized the prominent Egyptian-Armenian political and public figure Poghos Nubar Pasha to present the issue of Armenians reforms to the great power States.

For their part, the Armenians of Western Armenia were making their own initiation  for the implementation of improvements.

It planned to unite the six vilayets into one territory, which was to be headed by a high commissioner or a governor-general.