The Hamid Regime, the Founder of the Main Theses of the Denial of  Genocide (Part Three)

  • by Western Armenia, May 01, 2024 in Armenocid

Denial policy in Turkey began as early as the reign of Abdul Hamid II (1842-1918) (1876-1909).

The genocide against  Armenians, in fact, did not begin during the reign of the young turks, but much earlier, during the reign of Abdul Hamid II.

The methods of violence, the systematic and elaborate nature of the crimes, and the particular brutalities did not differ from the cases that were carried out later and were classified as genocide in legal terms.

Moreover, the origins of genocide denial should be sought in this period.

The main theses, which originated and were widely used in that period, were later copied, reworked, improved and adapted to the conditions of the following period.

Later, the wording, definitions, means of expression, pathos of rhetoric were changed, but the content was mostly preserved.

One of the denialist theses has always been to blame the victims for violence, massacres and mass murders. It should be noted that very often the negative theses are intertwined.

Thus, for example, Sadeddi Pasha, who was appointed by Abdul Hamid II as the chairman of the commission investigating the massacres of Armenians in Gyumushhane, Karin, Baghesh and Van provinces, says the following in his address to the Armenians: “You're going the wrong way, risking death.

I inform you as a representative of the Ottoman state. Refuse, do not deviate from the path you have followed for the past four centuries; don't say goodbye to loyalty.You will regret it. And regrets after the fact are useless. What you want and hope to get  has no slight chance of success because it does not correspond to the European political balance.