The Hamidian Regime, Is the Founder of the Denial of  Main Theses of Genocide (Part Two)

  • by Western Armenia, April 30, 2024 in Armenocid

The denial of the genocide committed against the Armenians, in its form and multi-layered nature, has often served as an example for the development and implementation of denial policies for other subsequent genocides.

As Professor of Sociology Stanley Cohen points out, the most obvious attempt to hide the fact of past crimes is the attempt of the Turkish government.

"These events are recorded both in Ottoman sources, diplomatic reports of the time, testimonies of survivors and later in historical research.

Truths that were once evident and in the focus of the international community have been transformed into speculation, rumor and uncertainty.

Preexisting denials became part of Turkey's collective culture, and then gradually became more prevalent abroad." 

The denial of the genocide against the Armenians has always been a component of the turkish authorities' domestic and foreign policy.

Turkish governments have always relied on the use of violence as the most effective means of solving internal problems, which in turn has given rise to additional concerns.

First, there was the possibility of potential resistance, self-defense, or struggle for freedom from repression by those who were subjected to violence.

On the other hand, there has always been the fear of possible intervention by the outside world or the use of coercion to carry out reforms in the country. From time to time there was also the fear of losing territories to external pressures.