The “Immutable Changes” in the Voter Turnout

  • by Western Armenia, May 04, 2024 in Armenocid

For a week, Western Armenia TV presented to you the research work of Mari Hovhannisyan, executive director of the "Zoryan Institute" International Research and Development Foundation of Eastern Armenia, where it was mentioned that the Hamidian regime is the founder of the main theses of genocide denial. In the next topic, we will try to understand the changes in the Genocide denial strategy against the Armenians in different significant periods. They are basically four.

1920s: "No Such Things Happened"

1960s: "We Massacred  No One"

1970-80s: "We were betrayed"

2000s: "War conditions", "Fair memory", "Common pain".

Although turkish denial has undergone changes in different geopolitical, historical or social contexts, it has been active or passive for a century. Turkey's denialist policy can be summed up in this formulation: "immutable changes".

Denial is the last stage of the genocide and as long as it continues, the genocide continues. Therefore, the genocide started in the Ottoman Empire, and even though Turkey does not consider itself responsible for what happened, it continues the work started by its own ancestors with a denial attitude.

When we look back at Turkey's policies regarding the Genocide issue, it becomes obvious that no significant changes have been registered. Denial politics has changed its format, language style and tone, but never its content.Sometimes overt, sometimes veiled denial was present. Next to the active denial of denying, presenting it as a normal event, accusing Armenians of betrayal and presenting them as victims, passive denial has also taken its own place: keeping silent, not listening and not knowing.