The “Immutable Changes” of Denial

  • by Western Armenia, May 07, 2024 in Armenocid

1920s: "No Such Thing Happened"

The first step of denial was to erase history by making it impossible to understand the existing record of the actions of the Ottoman rulers. The main "working" mechanism of the state ideology was the Ministry of Education, which at the same time merged with Turkish nationalism and, through history textbooks, placed in the depths of society's consciousness the thought that Armenians are enemies and ready to betray at every opportunity.

In the first years of the Republic, in the book "History Lessons for Turkish Children" written by Emin Ali and intended for fourth-grade students, there is no reference to Armenian-Turkish relations in any of the seven different sections from the great civilizations to the establishment of the republic, moreover, the word "Armenian" is not even used. :

"History Lessons for Elementary School Children" prepared by Suleiman Edip and Ali Tewfik in 1929. some developments are observed in the fourth grade" textbook.

In this textbook, even though there is no section about Armenians, nevertheless, in the section about the Constitution, Armenians, Greeks, and Albanians are represented as divisive foreigners who want to be separate from the Turks and are happy about the weakness of the state, even intending to destroy the huge empire.

Thus, the word "Armenian" for the first time, although  in a negative sense, found a place in the pages of the official history of Turkey. In another history textbook published in 1930, written by the teachers named Abdulbak and Sabri Esat, "The history book of my kitten. In the book entitled "Elementary school - fourth grade", the lines "Armenia was founded in the eastern provinces... first we defeated the Armenians in the east, then the French in the south" are included.

It can be said that the 1930s are the period of the formation of the official Turkish thesis, when Armenians are presented as enemies of Turks, helping other enemies. then it is presented in detail how the Turkish armed forces "trampled" Armenia.