Victims  of Western Armenia: Araksya Chepechyan

  • by Western Armenia, May 21, 2024 in Armenocid

Araksya Chepechyan, born in 1880  in the city of Aintap. She studied at the local Haykanushyan school.

After finishing it, she continued her studies first in Aintap and then  American Women's College in Marash. Worked as a teacher at Marash College and Aintap Educational College.

In 1912 went to England and attended courses at Woodbrook Theological College. In 1914 returned to Aintap. In 1915 she was deported along with her family. Arriving in Der Zor, she helped the Armenian refugees.

However, when  Zeki Bey was appointed there, the extermination of the remnants of Armenians who reached Der Zor began. Araksya Chepechyan was killed in 1916. by Zeki Bey. A victim of the  Genocide against Armenians.