Victims of Western Armenia: Khosrov Qyurqchyan

  • by Western Armenia, May 22, 2024 in Armenocid

Khosrov Qyurqchyan, the son of Grigor Qyurqchyan, a famous silk weaver  in Kharberd.

He received his initial education in Kharberd, then, in 1883, he went to Lyon and studied to make silk  weaving for a years.

In 1884 he  bought  necessary cars and returned to Kharberd. Refitted his father's factory and took over the management of the factory.

In 1895 the factory was destroyed by turkish thugs. He apparently converted to Islam to save his family from imminent danger. He managed to send his wife and two sons to America. While  turks realized  that he converted to Islam in order to  gain time, they made severe punishment  against him. He was axed by the turks. He was one of the  victims of the genocide against Armenians.