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 In memory of Yashar Kemal

A scientific conference dedicated to the writer Yashar Kemal was held in the city of Van in Western Armenia. It

In 1991, the “Oghak” operation against the Armenians was immediately evaluated in a proper, objective and direct manner by the US Senate 

In 1991 during the months of April to August, OMON squads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan

The negative position of the Turkish government concerning the massacres of Armenians

The biggest manifestation of the Turkish government’s denial was the rejection of the Treaty of Sevres, where it was clearly

Genocide committed against Armenians as the first genocide of the 20th century 

The genocide committed against the Armenians was the state policy of mass deportation and annihilation of the Armenian population in

The Turkish Government’s Negative Position on the Genocide  against Armenian 

The memories of the survivors who witnessed the genocide have become a historical memory for us. The restoration of historical

The Denial Position of the Turkish Government Regarding the Armenian Massacres 

The Turkish “Union and Progress” party, overthrowing the Sultan, came to power. From the very first years of their coming

Commemoration Ceremony of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide will take place in Mandelieu-La Napoule

Armenag Aprahamian, President of the National Council of Western Armenia, The Armenian Circle of Mandelieu-la-Napoule, the Assembly of Armenians of

Commemoration ceremony in memory of the victims of the genocide against Armenians  in Lyon 

The Vice President of the Association of Armenian Combatants and Sympathizers ANACAS, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of

New book. “Turcification of Armenian children during the Armenian genocide”

The Foundation “Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute” presents to the reading public the recently published collective monograph “Turkification of Armenian Children during

Commemoration Ceremony in Memory of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide in Geneva 

The President of the National Council of Western Armenia, Mr. Armenag Aprahamian, and the Vice President of the Association of