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Ancient Armenian cities as recorded by the Greeks and Romans

Armenia was well known to classical Greek and Roman writers who on occasion made personal journeys to Armenia describing some


Mihr-Mithra : The Chief deity of the Armenian heathen Pantheon of Gods

The youthful God Mithra symbolizing the Glorious Rays of the Sun. From Mount Nemrut Pantheon of Armenian Gods (sometimes called

Genetic evidence for an origin of the Armenians from Bronze Age mixing of multiple

Abstract The Armenians are a culturally isolated population who historically inhabited a region in the Near East bounded by the

Armenian Origins of Basque: a presentation by Vahan Setyan

Vahan Setyan (MS PhD), author of Language as a Fingerprint, presented his new book, Armenian Origins of Basque in Abril

Armenia the heir of Urartu

Art of Urartu Urartu was an Iron Age Armenian kingdom famed for one of the finest examples of ancient art.