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Battle of Arara. Forgotten pages of Armenian history

The Eastern Legion continued to fight alongside the Allies until the liberation of Cilicia. After the liberation of Kilikia in

Self-defense fights of Armenians. Mkrtich Yotneghbayrian

When we talk about Turkish-Armenian relations in 1915, we mostly talk about the massacre of Armenians, but few people mention

Self-defense battles in Zeytun. Part 2

Turkish attacks continued, becoming more violent.  On December 3, the enemy moved towards Zeytun in three main directions and had

Self-defense battles of Zeytun. Part 1 – Contemporary History

Western Armenia TV, in advance of April 24, the day of commemoration of the victims of the genocide committed against

Toponyms of Artsakh: Khokhanaberd

The inhabitants of Haterk and Tsar (Vaikunik), as well as the Vakhtangs of Khokhanaberd, are descended from the royal Mets

Creation of the magazine “Anahit” : Armenia through the eyes of women

The fate of Armenia, especially Western Armenia, is the most tragic and saddest, as the Armenian people have endured all

‘‘Wedding in the Mountains’’ operation started on this day in 1992: Armenian Shushi was liberated

The military operation for the liberation of Shushi started on May 8, 1992 and ended brilliantly on May 9 according

The ‘‘Ring’’ Operation Started on This Day, 30 Days Ago

On April 30, 1991, the 2nd Division of the Soviet 4th Army, stationed in Gandzak (Kirovabad), besieged the villages of

29th year of Maragha Massacre

Units of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, Internal Troops and Special Forces (OMON) attacked the village of Maragha in the Martakert

On this day, 28 years ago Berdzor was liberated

On May 18, 1992  the Artsakh Self-Defense Forces liberated the Lachin region and Berdzor. On May 17-18, 1992, the military