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The rich history of Armenians in the Netherlands and Belgium

Armenian merchants first appeared in the Netherlands and Belgium in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries, when Dutch merchants arrived

 “We and Our Place Names”

Summarizing the series “We are our place names”, we can clearly state that the names of people and the place

We and Our Place Names

In the Shirak province of Ararat province of  Mets Hayq  38 km to the south-east of the city of Kars,

We and Our Place Names

During the time of renaming the monastic complexes, monasteries and churches, turks sometimes simply resorted to the counting method. They

The Armenians’s Rich History of Armenians in the Netherlands and Belgium

Bust of Saint Servatius in Maastricht Basilica (Netherlands) Armenians rich history in the Netherlands and Belgium. Part one Armenian traces

We and Our Place Names

In the Armenian highlands, in Western Armenia, in the physical-geographic region of Dersim, Kharberdi province, in the headwaters of the

 “We and, our place names”

Turks, in all cases when they did not have any option to translate or distort the names of  Armenians  geographical

We and Our Place Names

An Armenian named Gaspar founded a village in Khnusi province of Karini province in Western Armenia, which was also called

We and our Place Names 

Many Armenian geographical names turkes changed to be suitable for their  pronunciation. For example, the  name of the village Chprgegh

“We and our place names”

In western Armenia, a short distance from the  east of the city of Akn, in  Kharberdi province, near the Sarin,