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Baku Continues to Falsify

In the report broadcasted on the Baku TV channel AZTV, it is mentioned that the Armenian side destroyed the cemetery

Baku Demolishes  the Building of Artsakh State University

After the complete depopulation of Artsakh, on November 23, 2023, by the decree of Ilham Aliyev, the “University of Karabakh”

Armenian St. Sarkis Church in Tigranakert Wll be Rebuilt

The destroyed Armenian Church of Saint Sargis will be rebuilt  in Tigranakert (Diarbekir) province of Western Armenia. The works are

Another Cultural Victim of Baku is the Statue of National Figure of Armenia Alek Manukyan

Baku continues to destroy monuments in occupied Artsakh. This policy is implemented at the state level, the goal of which

The Meaning of May 28 in Armenia 

The birth of the First Republic  of Armenia is the twenty-eighth of May. Soldier Andranik, for example, condemned the founding

Western Armenia and industry

Before the First World War, Armenians occupied an influential position in foreign and domestic trade, industrial production, and banking affairs

Armenians and Armenian Heritage

Atsik All linguists agree that the atsik  is prepared in large quantities and distributed. In Bayazet, atsik, as a rare

Armenian and Armenian Heritage

 Atsik Even in the diet of our ancestors, they gave a significant place to food prepared from cereal crops, well

Armenian Nation and Armenian Heritage

Harisa Food culture undoubtedly plays an important role in the formation of national identity and the entire social order. In

The Well-preserved Famous Castles  and Fortresses of Western Armenia: Ardahan Fortress

Ardahan fortress was also called Qajats fortress. It is located in the center of the walled city, on a high