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The poems of Grigor Narekatsi in Grabar and in the modern Armenian language are given a new life in the film “Tagh: The Path of the Soul”

Vahe Yan’s “Tagh: The Path of the Soul” presents the poems of Grigor Narekatsi with a new spirit and breath

A movie about Hrant Dink is being made

A film will be made about the life of Hrant Dink, the editor of the newspaper “Agos”, who was killed

Stas Namin presented the film “Ancient Temples of Armenia”

Documentary film has long been a work for musician and producer Stas Namin, in which he invests a lot of

Ruken Tekesh’s short film “Heverk” was screened for free

Ruken Tekes has released his first short film “Heverk” for free because of the coronavirus. Because of COVID-19  people spend

News 18-01-2020

Meetings with Remarkable Men

Meetings with Remarkable Men (book) is the second volume of the All and Everything trilogy written by the Greek-Armenian mystic

Memories of Marash


The documentary presents the history of Old Jugha (Julfa), located on the left bank of the Arax, and exposes the