Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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11-year-old Karlen was injured by the fire of an Azerbaijan while  ambushed near the monument ..Tatik Papik..

After the five-day siege, the Martakert-Drmbon-Stepanakert inter-district road was opened on September 23 for the evacuation of the population of

 A Conference dedicated to Misak Manushyan

On February 23 at 20:30, we invite you to participate in the round table debate. The subject of the debate

Navalny’s memory was honored near the statue of Charents

The ambassadors of the USA and Great Britain placed photos of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny in front of

 Hatdejian and Saryaslan were Awarded

“Marmara” daily newspaper  dated on  February 6, proudly presents to its readers the “Drvatank Magagalat” jointly awarded by the Union

The  36th anniversary of the Artsakh movement

In 1988 on February 20, the extraordinary session of the XX Convocation Council of People’s Deputies of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

Support the television of Western Armenia

Western Armenia Television, being loyal to its principles and viewers, continues uninterrupted work with new approaches. As you already know,

A rock-hewn  tomb was found  in the Kasakh gorge

In the area of ​​Ohanavan village, in the gorge of Kasakh , a rock-hewn tomb was discovered, which, according to

Messages of an Unbreakable Revolutionary

Karpis Altnoglu is one of the legendary figures of the revolutionary movement of Turkey, especially because of his steadfastness in

The sixteenth issue of “Western Armenia” magazine was published

The “Western Armenia” Magazine of sixteenth issue was published. In the new issue you can get acquainted with: 1) The

 Sons  of Western Armenia: Sargis Khanoyan

“The officers were killed, and Sargis fought more than  2.5 hours.” – Narine Hovhannisyan, Sargis Khanoyan’s mother. Sargis was a