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Ruben Galchyan’s Work is Another Strong Counterattack to Baku’s Falsification

At the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, the presentation of the bilingual book “Historical” maps of the 2014 national

Court  of Baku Sentenced Rashid Beglaryan to 15 Years in Prison

The Baku court sentenced Rashid Beglaryan from Artsakh to 15 years in prison. This is reported by the Azerbaijani mass

The 36th Issue of the Western Armenia Weekly Newspaper Was Published

The 36th issue of the Western Armenia weekly newspaper has been  published. The photo of Poghos Nubar is on the

In Yerevan Samantha Power With Women from Artsakh Made Traditional Jengyal Bread

The head of the International Development Agency of the United States of America, Samantha Power, in Yerevan made jengyal bread

A Protest  Has Been Started Against the Suspension of the Radio Station Broadcasting in Turkey

A protest  has been started against the decision to suspend the license of “Açık Radyo” broadcasting from Istanbul.This is reported

Let’s Support The Television of “Western Armenia Television”

“National Television of Western Armenia”, being faithful to its principles and viewers, continues its uninterrupted work with new approaches. As

The 35th Number  of the Western Armenia Weekly Newspaper Has Been  Published

The Western Armenia weekly newspaper of the 35th issue has been  published. On the cover of the new issue  is

A Fire Spread in the Gardens and Forests In Adana Province of Western Armenia

The fire that broke out in a wheat field in Adana province of Western Armenia spread to a nearby park

Artsakh Television Restarts  its Activities

 Artsakh public television resumes  its activities, albeit with a small staff, but with an extremely important role. This was reported

“Educate the Educator”. a Program for People Forcibly Displaced from Artsakh for Acquiring New Professions

The program titled “Educate the Educator” was concluded with an exhibition organized at the “Teryan” cultural center. 30 of our