Children of Western Armenia: Ephraim Harutyunyan

  • by Western Armenia, November 27, 2023 in Society

Yefrem Davit Harutyunyan was the only male child in the family, he has three sisters. He was born on June 4, 2001 in Solak village of Hrazdan. He grew up surrounded by the love and affection of his parents and sisters, but this did not stop the boy from being extremely kind and modest. They always heard praises from the school, the teachers are still proud of their intelligent and truthful student. Ephraim was a hard worker, he helped his parents along with his studies. He had set himself the goal of returning from the army and renovating the house. In 2019, he graduated from Hrazdan State Vocational College of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs, was an auto mechanic. He also participated in driving courses and received a driver's license, which was one of his main dreams.

Ephraim joined the army with a smile. He was sure that the boy is getting tougher in the army. He was a tank mechanic-driver, he was often noted for his conscientious service.

He was transferred to Talish as a good tanker. He served the main service in Srkhavend, Artsakh.

He was optimistic, he loved the army. He always answered the calls saying that everything will be fine.

From the first days of the war, starting in September 2020, he participated in active combat operations. It was in Martakert-Mataghis region. He used to call home once a day and say that he will be fine. The mother was worried, she once heard gunshots during a phone conversation, but Ephraim immediately answered: "Mom, you've already grown up in my eyes, you don't hear that we're working with chaguch on the tank", later, during a conversation with his father, it only became clear that his mother was not wrong, the enemy was shooting, and Ephraim with his fellow soldiers successfully was pushing back enemy attacks. On the battlefield, Ephraim and his friends were together, when the enemy hit his friend's tank, and his friend was unable to drive it, Ephraim tied his friend's tank to his tank, pulling it out of the battlefield.

It was funny. Once he came back from the battlefield with a half-broken tank. When asked by the commander why he brought the tank, he answered: "Well, it's a house, let it be."

One more time, when Ephraim's tank was burned by the enemy's attack during the battle, he got out of the tank, knocked out the enemy's tankers and came back with the enemy's tank. Ephraim was injured during the 8-hour battle, when they told him to retreat, he said that there are wounded guys there. how can we retreat without them? He said: I am going to bring them, he went and got injured himself. The doctors did not manage to save Ephraim. A cardiac arrest was registered on October 21. The donation took place in the native village.