Children of Western Armenia, Ishkhan Petrosyan

  • by Western Armenia, December 04, 2023 in Society

Reserve captain Ishkhan Petrosyan was born on June 2, 1977 in Yerevan.

The father returned to the country in 1945, from Tehran. His mother was from the Haytagh village of Etchmiadzin. Ishkhan Petrosyan studied at the N-70 secondary school named after Hamo Sahyan in Yerevan.

In 1995 he was drafted and served in Sisian. He completed his service in 1997. He got married in 1999.

In 2000, he joined the military police. Thanks to his dedication and great patriotism, he reached the rank of captain.

In 2004, it was transferred to the Fourth Division of the Air Defense Forces of the Armenian Armed Forces.

After the division was dissolved in 2015, it was transferred to the Arabkir military station. In 2016, he actively participated in the Four Day War. Even the news of the death of our heroic boys to their parents rested on the captain's shoulders. He had to reveal these facts to his loved ones and suffer and feel this pain with each parent. He served in the Armenian army for twenty years, retiring in 2018, but volunteered to go to the front on the eve of the war.

My daughters told me that in the first days of the war, I did not find my place, I was ashamed of still being in Yerevan.

He achieves his objective, goes to volunteer at the Arabkir military police station. He went to the war field with the simple realization that this was not an ordinary war, nor a territorial conflict, but a struggle for existence, a patriotic war , where the right of all of us to remain Armenian is decided.

On October 3, he left to defend the positions of Jrakan. Friends say that as a fierce fighter, there was one more thing that saved the boys. It is said that the captain told the boys. “Guys, let's win, let's go, because on October 19, I will call you all for my daughter's wedding.” His military friends emphasize that, as a true commander, he rushed to help his friends and fought until his last breath for the defense of the homeland, because he fought against the enemy with the slogan “No turning back.”