After a long break, a performance in Armenian was staged in the village of Vakef in Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, July 26, 2023 in Culture

Despite the devastating February earthquakes, the residents of the village of Vakif in Western Armenia continue to lead a lively cultural life. Thus, recently, Hakob Paronyan's work "A twist in the neighborhoods of Polsoi" was presented in Armenian at Vaqif.

According to, Vardan Estukyan writes about this in "Akos" weekly newspaper.

According to the source, about 200 people watched the performance. After many years, it was the first time that an Armenian play was organized in Vaqif.

In a conversation with Vardan Estukyan, one of the organizers of the performance, Andranik Bakirjioglu stated that the performance was especially well understood by the elderly residents of the village, and that the organizers made special efforts to stage the performance in Armenian.