Aksel Bakunts: the 125th Anniversary of the Great Writer is Celebrated

  • by Western Armenia, June 13, 2024 in Culture

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the famous writer and novelist Aksel Bakunts, a group of writers and representatives of the cultural sector laid flowers at the writer's memorial.

It is placed in Yerevan, in front of the house where Aksel Bakunts lived and worked from 1927 to 1936.

Bakuntsi's works are staged, filmed, the literary text is revised, but re-reading and speech are very important nowadays.

Poet, translator Shant Mkrtchyan considers Aksel Bakunts a writer and powerful author who left a rich literary legacy of the 20th century.

The 125th anniversary of Bakunts will be celebrated with many other events. Presentations of Aslamazyan's "Portrait of Bakunts and Mother" animation and the special issue of "Syunyats Yerkir" newspaper dedicated to Axel Bakunts will take place with the Arloopa application.