“Ancestral Heritage”, Laurence Hérault

  • by Western Armenia, March 18, 2024 in Culture

Western Armenian TV presents a poem by Laurence Hérault.

"Ancient heritage

You won't have to wait too long

Amazing result to see

The clear intentions of the new occupiers in relation to these places

So often stands out over the millennia

Who succeeded each other in the Armenian land?

All those who gave life to the earth with their hands and their art and their ideas,

These priests, these scholars, these eminent men,And their breath caresses the tops of the cypresses

We are waiting for brighter times to come."

They made their country the pinnacle of sanctity,

Inspiring many ancient cities with them.

Generous trees symbolizing life

To the wheels of eternity that appear everywhere.

In every church, the wealth of the people is carved

Every tombstone, every living wellspring

In every grown grass her dance, her music,


From pomegranates to vines,

From emerald forests to clear waterfalls

Until the lakes reflecting these iconic mountains.

Who now guards all these secret treasures,

All these are recognized as beautiful fruits

From the precious heritage of our humanity.

What do we want to pass on to our grandchildren?

For venerable heroes, proud statues,

Descended from their base, brutally crushed,

Busts and buildings were wildly destroyed

And the crosses torn from the roofs of the monuments?

They are overwhelming proof of that barbarism.

To live alone in these desecrated places

The spirits of the dead watch over the beloved land,

From gorges to peaks, on steep paths,

And their breath caresses the tops of the cypress trees

We are waiting for brighter times to come."