Ara Guler’s “Fishermen of Gumgapu” Photo Series will be Shown in Constonopole 

  • by Western Armenia, May 07, 2024 in Culture

The exhibition of the photo series "Fishermen of Gumgapu" will be held in Istanbul.

The article series "Together with the Armenian fishermen of Gumgapu", on the basis of which the photo series was made, was published from May 21 to 27, 1952 in the Armenian daily "Zhamanak" published in Istanbul.

In the articles written by Guler at the age of 24, accompanied by pictures, it was told about the fishermen's dwelling, the people working there and their lifestyle.

It has remained in the pages of history as one of Güler's successful photo reports, which should bring him success in the near future in terms of building an international career.

It is noteworthy that the pictures related to Gumgapu from the archives of the world-famous Polish-Armenian photographer-journalist are being exhibited for the first time.

The exhibition started on May 8 at the Ara Guler Museum and will last until October 27 of this year.

It will also be possible to buy the book of the same name of the exhibition at the shop in the museum.

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