Armenian manuscripts will be studied for the first time in the largest manuscript center in Iran

  • by Western Armenia, February 03, 2024 in Culture

The delegation of Yerevan's Matenadaran visited the library of Ayatollah Marashi Najafi in the city of Ghom, Islamic Republic of Iran. Director Mahmoud Marashi Najafi, the son of the foundation center, welcomed the delegation.

As we learn from the message released by Matenadaran, a tour was organized to the center's handbooks, digitization and restoration departments.

The importance and willingness of mutual cooperation was emphasized, which will start with the study of Armenian manuscripts kept in the center.

Ayatollah Marashi Najafi Library is the largest center of Islamic manuscripts in Iran and the third largest in the entire Islamic world. The collection includes about 85,000 manuscripts in different languages, which contain both religious and scientific texts.