Azerbaijanis Destroyed  the Memorial Complex of Berdadzor

  • by Western Armenia, May 25, 2024 in Culture

Azerbaijan blogger Kyamram Razmovar, who stands out on the Internet for his hatred of Armenians, published a video a few days ago, where it can be seen that azerbaijan have desecrated the memorial of the fallen freedom warriors of the 51st battalion.

The monument is painted with red paint, desecrated with various inscriptions, the lower parts are destroyed.

Resolution 2582 adopted by the European Parliament in 2022, "On the Destruction of Cultural Heritage of Artsakh", where the European Parliament obliged Baku to ensure the exclusion of any interference in the Armenian heritage areas, to maintain the principles of the authenticity of the heritage, and to carry out restoration works exclusively in accordance with that principle.

The desecration of the monument also violates the criterion of cultural significance of the heritage established by Burra (Australia, ICOMOS) 1999. by statute. And here, in relation to the destruction of historical evidence, it should be noted that according to the criterion of cultural importance, preservation of the historical value of the heritage means how the historical evidence of the value is preserved.