Baku destroyed the fountain-monument of Aghanus village of Kashatagh region

  • by Western Armenia, January 08, 2024 in Culture

Azerbaijani scholar Varsik Simonyan published a photo in which Azerbaijan destroyed khachkar-memorial monument erected in memory of Tigran Abrahamyan and his friends who died in the Omari mountain pass in 

the area called Ttu Jur in Aghanus settlement of Kashatagh region.

Before the Azerbaijani occupation, there a fountain-monument stood  and 2 khachkars were erected in the center and next to the monument. We also encounter the Azerbaijani  vandalism in the city of Martakert, where the khachkar - memorial fountain, which perpetuates the memory of Harut Babayan and Garik Mnatsakanyan, located on Daniel Varuzhan street, were also  destroyed.

Although the International Court of Justice has upheld  laws for  the occupied territories, including provisions for the protection of cultural property, which prohibit the destruction of any heritage. It is important to note that targeting khachkars is a particularly prohibited act as it is considered a serious crime against all humanity, because "The art of Armenian khachkars

symbolism and craftsmanship" since 2010 has been included by UNESCO in 2003 was accepted in the list of intangible cultural heritage". and is considered a universal value.

This means that the khachkar art has an exceptional universal value and have an international additional protection, as well as is of great interest in the world cultural treasury, yet Azerbaijan continues its anti-cultural, anti-human and anti-civilization policy at the state level.