Church in  Aghavnoy is in Danger of Destruction

  • by Western Armenia, May 18, 2024 in Culture

The observation of satellite photos of April 2024 revealed that the azerbaijani side completely destroyed St. Hambardzum  Church.

Before the destruction, the church was completely covered with decks and roofs.

Currently, the  Srboc Nahatakatc Church in  Aghavno settlement, which was built in 2002, is in danger of destruction.

Observation of azerbaijani social networks shows that the church, like the Hambardzum Church  in  Berdzor, is completely covered with decks and roofs.

 This can be seen from the video uploaded at the end of February this year. Taking into account the precedent of the Berdzor church, the same fate threatens the church of Aghavnoy.