Cultural genocide

  • by Western Armenia, November 07, 2023 in Culture

After the occupation of Artsakh, we see how Baku systematically destroys Armenian cultural values and monuments in Artsakh. And in this matter, Baku makes no distinction between funds. They spend a lot of money on this, invent special stories about the mythical cultural value system of the Aghvans or Albanians. And in their context, the Udi community was placed in the middle, as if the monasteries and monuments of Artsakh historically belonged to them, and so on.

The insolence of the enemy has reached such a level that it even happens that Armenian churches are simply destroyed and defaced. For example, last year a BBC journalist prepared a report on the disappearance in a short time of the Armenian Church of the Most Holy Theotokos in Mekhakavan. It seemed that this criminal behavior of Baku would cause great resonance, but, to our great surprise, it receives no equivalent response in the world. Speakers are Western Armenia, only individuals or non-governmental organizations.

Baku, seeing that it is easily digesting its crimes, is moving more aggressively to carry out cultural genocide, trying to finish what it started. Now they have created a special commission to remove Armenian writings from monuments in Artsakh and completely erase the Armenian trace. Is it a coincidence that they have declared Shushi a cultural capital and are planning to take special measures in this regard?

With this step, the real goal of the enemy becomes completely clear: to completely eliminate Armenian history and, instead, construct a new history based on artificial, distorted and false facts, and impose it on the community international. It has always been this way, but it has received an adequate response, and now, when the enemy has become more insolent, he meets no resistance. And against this background, the fact that immediately after the war Baku began to create various cultural structures in the territories occupied by Artsakh, and then myths were woven around them that they had a centuries-old history . It is also worth noting that to deal with cultural genocide, Baku uses all its arsenal of caviar diplomacy, trying to bribe various personalities and officials, so that this topic does not suddenly become a subject of attention of the international community.