Educational centers for Armenians in exile: Cyprus

  • by Western Armenia, March 30, 2023 in Culture

Cyprus is one of the educational centers of the Armenians in exile. The first Armenian school was opened here in 1870, in Nicosia. The Vardanants and Shushanyan elementary schools have been operating since 1886. After the genocide against the Armenians, many new schools were founded. 

In 1924, one of the famous educational centers for emigrants, the Melkonian Educational Institution, was founded in Nicosia. Since 1940, an upper secondary school has been operating with seminar, commercial and scientific departments, teaching Armenian language, Armenian literature, writing, general history, history of Armenians, scientific subjects, foreign languages. The main language of instruction was English. It has been publishing periodicals "Aig" and "Tsolq", monthly "Hayatsk" since 1998. But it was closed in 2007.

Since 1972, national secondary schools "Narek" (preschools until 2007) operate in the cities of Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol in Cyprus, which are managed by the General Directorate. In the educational programs of the educational centers, a large place is reserved for national education, Armenian studies subjects.