Fictional Story

  • by Western Armenia, May 08, 2024 in Culture

Parallel to the policy of de-Armenization, genocide commited against  Armenians in their historical homeland and forced deportation, Baku continues the policy of territorial, historical and cultural ambitions against the historical homeland and cultural heritage of the Armenian people.

These are a set of unacceptable actions, the purpose of which is the annihilation of the Armenian trace.

Western Armenia TV has repeatedly reported that Baku invents history and targets Western Armenia.

Baku's focus is on the assumption that if fake news is repeated over and over again, especially in the absence of information to the contrary and revealing the truth, then the fake gradually becomes the accepted option and eventually is gradually seen as reality.

 This is the purpose of the continuous claims of the current Baku authorities regarding having "Western" and "Southern" azerbaijan territories.

They are aimed at the goal of owning the historical past of their own country, Azerbaijan, and then gradually taking over the neighboring territories, claiming that the so-called "ancient" lands of the territory are the homeland and historical birthplace of azerbaijanis.Continually strengthening the theories, they want to be equal to Western Armenia. However, Western Armenia has a centuries-old history and culture.

Barely a hundred years old, azerbaijan wants to have the same ambitions as the state that made history.