Forgotten Kingdom. Verin Naver exhibition. Results of 50 years of excavations

  • by Western Armenia, June 02, 2023 in Culture

During excavations in the ancient Verin Naver settlement at the foot of Aragats, the expedition headed by archaeologist Hakob Simonyan found numerous testimonies of spiritual and secular power, luxury items made of precious metals and stones, symbols of power such as weapons, seals, feathers, and medallions with portraits.

Interesting findings have been documented in the book ‘Forgotten Kingdom: Verin Naver,’ as reported by ‘Armenpress.

The book was inaugurated at the Armenian History Museum.

According to Hakob Simonyan, the excavations at Verin Naver started in 1976 with the main emphasis on late Bronze Age tombs containing symbols of royalty.

“This is the period when Armenia already had established states, during the excavations we found the tombs of chiefs of kings and high priests…

As a result of excavations, we’ve received a huge amount of information about the society, social structure, international relations, crafts, trade, military forces living at that time in the Ararat Valley.

The medallions included in the exhibition are exclusive.

Hakob Simonyan assures that similar medallions can be found in the Louvre, British museums, and in Elam.