Four of those who visit the “Hasmik” children’s camp in Hankavan in the Martuni community are children of displaced families from Artsakh

  • by Western Armenia, July 22, 2023 in Culture

"Thirty-eight children from the Martuni community in the Gegharkunik region went to the "Hasmik" children's camp, which operates in the village of Meghradzor, located in the town of Hrazdan in the Kotayk region, for a free 20-day summer vacation. According to the Martuni municipal administration staff who informed "Armenpress," the group of campers also includes four children from families displaced from Artsakh, living in the town of Martuni, and continuing their studies in Martuni's public educational institutions. On the 1st of July and the 20th of July, 37 children from the town of Martuni initially went to the children's recreation camp, and later, 6 other children joined them.

The second rest period begins on July 20 and ends on August 10. The children going on vacation were selected exclusively according to the established procedure. Employees of the RA Ministry of the Interior's patrol service, accompanied by representatives from the Gegharkunik regional office, ensured the safe movement of the children on vacation during the second shift," said staff at the Martuni community hall."