“Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan” responded to Baku’s systemic hysteria regarding the preservation of Armenian cultural heritage

  • by Western Armenia, December 02, 2023 in Culture

The All-Armenian Union "Gardman-Shirvan-Nakhijevan" responded to the systemic hysteria over the issue of protection of Armenian cultural heritage by Baku, noting that during the hundredth anniversary of its existence, Baku managed to becoming famous not only for its perfect practice of ethnic cleansing, but also of cultural genocide and this crime, and with the willingness to deftly refuse any responsibility.

The statement issued by the union also states: “Since the establishment of the Azerbaijani state, Armenian cultural heritage in the historical territory of Gardman, Shirvan and Nakhichevan has faced a wave of ontological destruction.

Unfortunately, in recent decades we have witnessed the misappropriation, mutilation or outright destruction of Armenian Christian cultural heritage by the most brutal methods, a consequence of the deep racial and religious discriminatory consciousness possessed by Azerbaijan at the state level.

From 1998 to 2006 During this period, with the direct participation of Azerbaijani army units, thousands of unique khachkars and tombstones of the Jugha Armenian cemetery, which were unique examples of material art, were destroyed and the cemetery area was transformed into a shooting range.

If Azerbaijan does not admit its crime, why does it not allow international organizations to study the situation there? The answer is very simple, when it is impossible to deny reality, the tyrannical methods of prohibition and observation come to the rescue. Recall that the UN International Court of Justice in 2021 in the decision of December 7 on the application of interim measures demanded that Azerbaijan take all necessary measures to prevent and punish all acts of vandalism and desecration committed against Armenian cultural heritage, including churches and other places of worship, monuments, natural sites, tombs and other objects.

However, even after such a decision, Azerbaijan continues its actions unhindered, as clearly evidenced by the distortion of identity due to the "reconstruction" of the Church of St. Ghazanchetsots in Shushi, the vandalism of the church in St. John's Green Hour An unknown number of tombstones were damaged or simply destroyed. Such barbaric behavior is no longer new to us and the world, because before the desecration of the Armenian cemetery in Shushi, the war machine of Azerbaijani intolerance had already invaded the Armenian cemetery in Montino, Baku, eliminating it almost completely.

The series can continue for a long time until Azerbaijan overcomes the complex of ethnophobic politics and accepts global norms of humanity and mutual respect" - end quote.