“I am sorry that humanity is still so backward that it fights and destroys.” from “Nemra”

  • by Western Armenia, April 27, 2023 in Culture

The brothers Van and Vaspur, members of the rock band “Nemra”, did not get their name by chance. In 1915, following the genocide against the Armenians, their ancestors emigrated from Van to Eastern Armenia.

“Their home was in the village of Pshavan, near Narekavank, where Grigor Narekatsi studied. In 1915, the Turks killed my grandfather’s grandfather. His brother, Murad (after whom my father is named), helped his family escape to Eastern Armenia,” explains Van.

The musician says: “Over the years I have understood that politics, land acquisition and loss are transient phenomena, whoever is strong at that moment also dominates… I am sorry that mankind is still so backward that it wars and destroys itself, and I am also sorry that we have reached such a backward region where civilization has not arrived, but we have to focus more and preserve what we have, we have to Strengthen at least Armenia through talented Armenian individuals. Unfortunately, this is the order of the world, if you are fit, you are taken into account, if not, you are destroyed. Now we have a problem of survival, and the most painful thing is that we have to be worthy of survival with our value system and morals. If we recover morally, we will definitely stand.”