In her new work, Venera Makaryan highlighted the peculiarities on the status of Armenians in the Ottoman period.

  • by Western Armenia, January 16, 2024 in Culture

The publishing house of Matenadaran published the work "Historical Armenians of Syria in the Ottoman period (16-18th centuries)" by Venera Makaryan, researcher of Matenadaran.

The book is dedicated to the study of the history, socio-economic status and spiritual-cultural life of the Armenians of Historical Syria during the Ottoman period, in particular, the 16th-18th centuries.

It is reported from Matenadaran that an attempt was made to reveal and emphasize the peculiarities on the status of local Armenians in the context of the Ottoman Empire's policy towards non-believers. The material is composed on the basis of Armenian and foreign language sources, documents and literature.

The book is intended for Armenian settlements, the current states that are part of Historical Syria, and for those who  study  the history of the Ottoman Empire.

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