January 9 is Celebrated the 

  • by Western Armenia, January 09, 2024 in Culture

 100th anniversary of Sergey Parajanov

January 9 is celebrated the 100th anniversary of film director, screenwriter, Sergey Parajanov.

In honor of Sergey Parajanov's 100th birthday, ARARAT Museum of Yerevan Brandy Factory opens  its

exhibition hall for the exhibition of "Sergey Parajanov. "Non-stop flight".

The exhibition presents the photos by  Yuri Mechitov,great artist’s Parajanov's friend, student, photographer, including the famous photo, "Flight".

This photo takes  a special place in the perception of the master's life and works and has an interesting history of its creation.

It was done on May 15, 1981 and conveys not only Parajanov's facial image, but also his creative mind. 

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Parajanov, a statue of Parajanov was presented to the public, which will soon find its place in the square adjacent to the Cinema House, which will be called "The Color of Pomegranate".

You can watch the video about Sergey Parajanov on the YouTube page of Western Armenia TV.