March 21 is the Armenian New Year’s Day.

  • by Western Armenia, March 20, 2024 in Culture

On the Areg day of the Areg month by  the Armenian calendar, on the vernal equinox, we celebrate the Armenian New Year-Easter, The dawn of spring.

Since an ancient times  our Armenian ancestors celebrated  the New Year on the Areg day of the Areg month, on the vernal equinox.

Nature is reborn in the spring, and that's why our ancestors chose this day and celebrated it with magnificent celebrations, glorifying the awakening of nature.

New Year-Easter is one of the 4 main holidays according to the Haykian Calendar. The symbol of the day is fire.

The period of fasting that began with Terendez ends at Easter, during which the Haykazun Arevordiner purified themselves both mentally and physically, preparing for the New Year and New Life.

Armenian tables are decorated with various Armenian national dishes. The main decorations of the table are considered to be: the candle, which symbolizes the sun, the egg - the beginning of a new life, the malt - our goals and thoughts, the wine - as a sign of the Armenian man's endurance, will and persistence, maturity, and honey - symbols of love and family sweetness.

The holiday is accompanied by games, national songs and dances.

The festival begins with the sunrise, and the main rituals are performed at the time when the sun is at its highest point.

This year, New Year-Easter is celebrated on March 20, which is connected with being a leap year in the calendar.

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