Matenadaran should retain the status of a research institute

  • by Western Armenia, July 13, 2023 in Culture

Karen Matevosyan, the Acting Director of Matenadaran, who has submitted an application for the position of the Director, attaches importance to the issues of preservation of manuscripts, restoration, digitization of scientific research.

According to his conviction, Matenadaran should preserve the status and essence of a scientific research institute.

In his talk with "Armenpress" correspondent Karen Matevosyan noted that in the program he presented, he touched upon the main directions of Matenadaran's activity, which concern the issue of security, scientific researches, popular scientific publications, cycles of Matenadaran, which will soon be presented in "Mair Tsutsak Dzera Graz", "Matenagirg Hayots".

He also emphasized the importance of publishing the chronicles of the 16th century manuscripts, reminding that Matenadaran provides materials for researchers in various fields - historians and linguists, but there are not many primary sources related to our history of the 16th century.

"We have no historical information about this epoch, therefore, chronicles are extremely important sources for history, and this edition is very important", "In the edition of Matenagirk Hayots" will be published the works of chroniclers of the 12th century Matevos Urhaletsu, Samvel Anetsi, Mkhitar Anetsi.