Mijink: Gatha festival in Akhalkalak

  • by Western Armenia, March 17, 2023 in Culture

On March 15, the day of Lent, almost all the churches of Javakhk celebrated the Armenian Gatha. The middle name is given to the day that divides the Great Passover, which has no festive significance. The middle is the fourth Wednesday or the 24th day of Lent. According to popular tradition, Armenian grandmothers prepare a bagel in which they put a coin. Whoever gets the dram will be successful that year.

This beautiful initiative has become a long-awaited tradition in Javakhk, gathering many people from different villages. This year, the festival was held in the courtyard of the Holy Cross Church in Akhalkalak. Women representing different institutions of Akhalkalak presented their gathas at the festival. This tradition also existed in various regions of Western Armenia, and it is wonderful that Akhalkalak and Javakhk also celebrate it with great pomp. Culture is an important part of maintaining identity and such celebrations only strengthen our identity.