Monuments of Aghavno were erected in Yerablr

  • by Western Armenia, December 27, 2023 in Culture

The modern khachkar and commemorative plaques moved from Aghavno village of Kashatagh region were installed in the Erablur military pantheon.

 They were evacuated in August 2022, when the Prime Minister of Eastern Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, announced during a press conference that after the change of the route of the Goris-Stepanakert road passing by the village of Aghavno, the city of Berdzor and the adjacent villages of Aghavno and Nerkin Sus will be  under the control of the Azerbaijan armed forces.The modern khachkar was located next to the Srbots Nahatakats church in Aghavno village, which, according to the above inscription, was placed in the memory of Rejekeyan Vahram and Ermans. The memorial dedicated to the memory of the  warriors who died in the battles for self-defense and liberation of the surrounding areas was also located next to the church.It composed  of four stone slabs, the upper part of which is engraved with "They are with us forever" and the lower part, the names of the fallen soldiers.

And in the end, Western Armenia TV  reminds once again that today at 19:00 Paris time, 22:00 Yerevan time, a Zoom meeting will take place, during which the deputies of the National Assembly of Western Armenia will summarize the year 2023.