“Mother Goddess, Mariam from Anahit” subjects was discussed. 

  • by Western Armenia, April 10, 2024 in Culture

At the meeting held today at the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Eastern Armenia, Deputy Minister Alfred Kocharyan and Chairman of the Tourism Committee Sisian Boghosian discussed organization on  the advertising campaign of the large-scale international exhibition entitled  "Mother Goddess Mariam from Anahit".

The exhibition is scheduled to be held in September at the History Museum of Armenia. From the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Eastern Armenia, Astghik Marabyan, head of the Department of Cultural Heritage, Harutyun Vanyan, head of the Department of History and Cultural Monuments Preservation, and Davit Poghosyan, director of the History Museum of Armenia, attended the meeting.

"Transportation and exhibition of the preserved head and hand from the bronze statue of the goddess Anahit from the British Museum is an unprecedented event in Armenia, which took place as a result of successful cooperation. I think this is a good precedent for working with other international museums and implementing new projects," said Alfred Kocharyan.

According to the deputy minister of KGSMS, "Mother deity. A successful advertising campaign, both in Armenia and on different international platforms, with the correct distribution of works, is very important in the way of organizing the international exhibition "Maryam from Anahit".

It is noted that in that context, the schedule of planned works, details of the ticket policy, as well as issues related to the clauses of the contract with the British side were discussed.