On the issue of the Armenians of Western Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, July 07, 2023 in Culture

Urartian wild wheat, until recently, was considered endemic to Armenia. The only known locations within CIS countries are near the villages of Geghadir, Voghdaberd, Jrvezh, and in the Kotayk region.

However, recent reports indicate that Urartu wheat also grows in other countries, including Iran, Western Armenia, Lebanon, and Syria. This type of wheat has gained significant interest as it is considered an important element in the formation of the solid group, the hexaploid group, or the breadfruit tree. There are six types of diversity associated with it.

As new information emerges, additional characteristics of Urartu wheat are being revealed, leading to a growing interest in its study. Consequently, the preservation of Urartu wheat has become of paramount importance.