Presentation of Hamshen’s Grammar

  • by Western Armenia, March 21, 2024 in Culture

In the village of Gate in  "Hatik" union of Hamshen residents, a wine festival was held for Huriye Shahin's Hamshen dialect grammar and books written by Mahir Eozkan for self-study of the same language.

The two authors first introduced the general features of their work and then a pleasant dialogue took place  with the audience.

It was known that until recently, the disagreements among the Hamshen residents had reached a certain conclusion, or at least partially, and the followers of this event did not question the former Armenian identity of the Islamized Hamshen residents.

This time, they realized that the native spoken language called Hamshen was not a separate language, but one of the largely forgotten dialects of Armenian, which has managed to protect it  until today without any  writing and literature.

There were exchanges of opinion about the permanence of the Hamshen language.

It is known that leaving the cradle also threatens the preservation of the mother tongue.

It is known that the departure from the native cradle also threatens the use of the language, and under these conditions, the preservation of the mother tongue becomes impossible.

Of course, it is still too early for this consciousness to become universal, because political motivations have also created a Turkish nationalism among the Hamshen people, because it is not so easy to bear the existence of the title "Armenian" under the gradually increasing conditions of nationalism.

The participants had the opportunity to express their feelings about various topics and to acquire new perceptions at this event.