Relics of tombstones with Armenian writing were found during the restoration works in Tbilisi

  • by Western Armenia, May 22, 2023 in Culture

During restoration work on the grounds of the former public school No. 44 on Ritsa Street in the Mtatsminda neighborhood of Tbilisi, the remains of gravestones inscribed in Armenian, which were used as school stairs, were discovered. The inscriptions on some of the stones are well preserved.  Public figure Levon Chyldiryan, who was present at the scene, examined the remains for several days and believes that these tombstones are the stones of the Khocivank Armenian cemetery in Tbilisi, which was destroyed during the communist "Red Terror" in the 1930s and later used as building material.

The government of Western Armenia regrets such a barbaric policy of our neighboring Georgian people towards Armenian culture. Armenians have always contributed to the economic, scientific and cultural strengthening of the countries where they have lived. Georgia is no exception and Armenians have contributed greatly to the creation of that state. It is regrettable that the historical and cultural values of Javakhk are treated in the same way.  We hope that this policy will not turn into a chain of barbarism that the Baku authorities have inflicted on the monuments in Nakhichevan and that we will not have to resort to an international court, as in the case of Nakhichevan.