“Repository of Dishes”

  • by Western Armenia, February 09, 2024 in Culture

"Repository of Dishes" was created in order to preserve national dishes.

In the "Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Armenia" database, a new subsection has been added under the title "Dishes Database", which was compiled as a result of the preliminary inventory of dishes in the communities of Armenia.

160 beneficiaries of 40 settlements, 20 villages and 7 cities of 50 communities of 10 marzes of Eastern Armenia participated in the process.

About 250 elements of Armenian and Yezidi national dishes were inventoried.

State and non-governmental organizations participated in the inventory.

The purpose of the inventory was to collect currently viable national dishes in the communities of Armenia, not only to ensure the preservation and transmission of this form of heritage, but also the viability, dissemination and popularization.

It will also contribute to the economic progress and sustainability of gastro tourism and communities.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the process, the "Dishes Database" will be continuously updated with new elements and videos about dishes, contributing to public awareness, preservation and use of national dishes.