“Salome”. The Restored Masterpiece of Vardges Surenyants is Displayed in the National Gallery of Armenia

  • by Western Armenia, March 25, 2024 in Culture

The National Gallery of Armenia continues the "History of the Restored Exhibit" project.

This year presents the story of the restoration of the famous masterpiece depicting the most mysterious figure of all time. Still in 2019 portrait of "Salome", removed from the permanent display and moved to the restoration studio, returned to the exhibition hall.

According to Marina Hakobyan, director of the National Gallery of Armenia, the "History of the Restored Exhibit" project was launched in the gallery in 2021.

in the framework of which 4 masterpieces were restored and presented to the public.

Now, after a long break, one of the treasures of Armenian and world fine art, the famous work "Salome" by Vardges Surenyants, the founder of national history painting, has returned to the exhibition of the National Gallery of Armenia.

It should be noted that in 1929 this masterpiece was transferred from Rome to Yerevan and was always presented in the National Gallery of Armenia.

In 2019, "Salome" was transferred to the "Restoration and Conservation" department of the National Gallery of Armenia for thorough restoration.

The last  five years, the complex restoration of one of the most impressive and influential paintings of Vardges Surenyants, "Salome", has returned to its former appearance and splendor.

Next to the restored canvas of the greatest master of Armenian fine arts, Vardges Surenyants, the summary video and working photos representing the long process of restoration are also shown with their explanations.

The first exhibition hall reproduces a corner of a restoration workshop, a work table with appropriate tools and materials, a painter, etc.

Among the most interesting "specimens" of the sub-area are a microscope and an ultraviolet lamp, with which the visitor can independently examine the restored parts of the work, colorings and other interventions.

The exhibition also presents a tactile copy of the painting "Salome" made for people with visual impairments.