Serzh Tankyan’s Memoir “Down With the System” will be Published on May 14

  • by Western Armenia, May 13, 2024 in Culture

The memoirs of System of a Down soloist Serzh Tankian, "Down With the System", will be published on May 14.

According to the LA Times, "Down With the System" begins with Armenian activist Tankian being criticized by Howard Stern in 2001 for an essay he posted on the group's website called "The Concept of Oil" on September 11. after the events of

He called the events of 9/11 "a response to injustices around the world that are usually invisible to most Americans."

As America was still recovering from the attacks, the essay generated considerable controversy.

Stern told listeners that Tankian "said the right things" on the show, and Tankian saw it as a missed opportunity to voice his opinion on American foreign policy. He vowed never to let it happen again.

"I wanted to write a book about the intersection of justice and spirituality, a philosophical book, and in the end we realized that both can be done in the same format. Thus, it became a kind of memoir," Tankyan said in an interview with the publication.