St. Paul-Petros church, on the verge of collapse, abandoned by Turkish authorities 

  • by Western Armenia, July 08, 2023 in Culture

St. Peter's Armenian Church, located in the Tomarza region of Caesarea province in occupied Western Armenia, is on the verge of collapse. The church roof exhibits cracks and broken sections, while the pillars and lower parts of the church have torn sections of plaster.

A resident of Tomarza expressed their thoughts on the church, stating, "The church, which was previously used as a warehouse and even as a cinema, is now abandoned. Our greatest hope is for the restoration of the church, which has lost its epitaph, and for it to become an attraction for tourists as well. The walls still preserve traces of frescoes from that period. Currently, the church, which has become a nesting place for pigeons, is at risk of collapsing at any moment due to indifference and neglect."

It is worth noting that the church was constructed in 1837 and, following the 1915 Genocide against Armenians, it was used as a warehouse and cinema before being abandoned. Tomarza was referred to as  "Little Zeytun," in recognition of the bravery displayed by the local Armenians. The Armenian cultural heritage of Tomarza can still be observed in both the town and its surrounding area.